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Private Personal Training

Private training is all about YOU the PERSON. Tailored specifically to you or the private group you will have a qualified and experienced trainer focused totally on you. We don’t believe in “one size fits all” and ensure the session suits your need, goals and abilities. If you are prepared to invest into yourself we will make the commitment to give you 110% to ensure you not only reach the heights you are targeting but keep you there.

Group Personal Training

Our Group Personal Training sessions are an intimate and inclusive small group training environment with a focus on whole body strength, cardiovascular health and flexibility. These 45 minute sessions are efficient and effective in delivering an exceptional range of range of fundamentally important exercises specific

to individuals goals whiling maintaining a fun, safe and empowering exercise environment. Become a part of the family and experience it for yourself!


Our Boxing classes are delivered by only the best boxing instructors available.
This cardiovascular and strength focused session will leave you empowered
and breathless in a fun interactive exercise environment. We keep our classes to a maximum of 12 people so that you will never be just another body in a crowd! What a great way to enhance your fitness and strength program.

Weight Loss Challenge

Our WLC is a 3 month intensive structured program to ensure you not only lose those extra kilos but give you the tools to make sure you keep them off. We don’t propose diets but put together an eating plan that works for you. Incorporated with
a personalised training session each week plus weekly weigh-ins to make sure you are following the program this is guaranteed to work. But this is not for everyone – it is ONLY for those that truly want to get results – as we only take 5 people at any one time.

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